Travel Maven

Tips for traveling and getting ready to travel

Booking your hotel and air ticket is really of an art than a science. Getting insurance for travel can be an interesting shopping experience by itself! Some tips that help are the following:

1. Be aware that there is a difference in pricing for different days of the week.

2. Be patient for discounts and offers from online portals. There are sometimes differences in pricing at different times of a single day.

3. Treat each portal like a travel agent trying to sell their tickets to clock a bundle for themselves. To generate volume or traffic, these sites may sometimes go out of the way to offer deals on specific routes. This is where you go out and grab them.

4. Check out both the mobile app and website pricing. They are often different because of the same marketing principle to drive traffic.

5. If travel portals are like agents, they will have the same constraints as travel agents. When they have hit a specific threshold in terms of the same economy tickets, for example, the pricing automatically goes up the new and higher tier. That's why we check for the pricing across a number of portals since they are like different ticket agents, each trying to hit their own quota.

6. Check out and favor the big boys in the trade - they are the ones offered larger and higher chances of volume discounts compared to small players. Small players usually either get the bigger bite of the cherry or they are resellers of other agents' quota.

7. For air tickets, don't fly direct if you can help it. It is usually cheaper to have a stopover. You may even break the journey with a stop for one or two nights to enjoy one more city for almost the same price.

8. For hotels, check out the executive or club rooms. They may be offered at irresistible prices that may mean free chance to enjoy happy hours with all-day refreshments thrown in and a special check-in service for just a little more.


9. Being flexible with travel dates help both the search for deals in terms of air tickets as well as hotels. Wherever possible checkout the + or - days to see the differences in terms of prices.

10. Compare prices for the travel insurance and look out for the details. The prices may be competitive but not the fine print. Consider how much you get if you lose a laptop or passport. Always choose the travel insurance package that buys you the peace of mind that if something bad happens to you or your love ones, you (plural) can get back safely for recovery with unlimited coverage. Sometimes it means paying a little more. There are many online portals for travel insurance that provides convenience of getting your package last minute - like just before you get on the plane.

11. Beware of time-zone differences. If you made the mistake of missing out on the date for your hotel booking while you beat the time-zone, call up the hotel while you are waiting in the transit lounge or on the plane and make the amendments. For some occasions, it just means a bit more in terms of prices but sometimes, you also enjoy last minute deals.